June 2024

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[Conference] Hybrid FEM/test twin building, an electric engine case history

SDTools was present at the CSMA 2024 conference https://csma2024.sciencesconf.org/

The talk has addressed challenges associated to the generation of a Hybrid FEM/test twin model of an automotive electric car engine in partnership with Stellantis:

  • Describing test outputs
  • Choosing model parameters
  • Building a reduced parametric model
  • Building a Hybrid FEM/test twin model

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[Release] SDT 7.5 has been released

Last year’s orientations focused on

  • GUI implementation and customization capabilities to answer customer requests on making numerical and test processes accessible through GUI.
  • Parametric superelement/reduced model handling, that is a key capability of SDT and is under continuous development. It enables industrial scalability (external software interaction, post-treatments, data volume management…).
  • Test handling for experimental vibration applications progress. Now integrates parametric tests and improvements for Siemens TestLab compatibility.
  • Custom solvers various optimization.
  • Piezo capabilities for active control and SHM applications.

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[Expertise] Solutions for flange contact modelling in structural dynamics

Flange support around fasteners is a commonly overlooked topic in industrial structural dynamics applications. It is due to implementation complexity in already large models, and the difficulty of finding relevant values for input parameters. It is however a very sensitive aspect that can prevent from validating a model when ignored.

Check out our take on the subject for vibration applications, and how a zero thickness (ZT) element based implementation can be ported to other codes for simulation process integration

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[Project] Identification of material property dependency to temperature (Source project)

🤝 In partnership with the “SOURCE” ANR project, SDT has been used by Nassim Benbara, Marc Rébillat and Nazih Mechbal from the DISCoH team in Laboratoire PIMM to identify a polypropylene plate material property temperature dependency, with some surprises on the Poisson coefficient evolution.

A summary of this work is the object of a news post in our website
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More detailed explanations (among other results) have been published in the Journal of Sound and Vibration
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and the “SOURCE” ANR project presentation page is available at
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