Consulting & Research

SDTools provides consulting services and can manage longer term research projects.

SNCF (Oscar),SNCF (Dynavoie),Bosch, PSA, EDF, SNECMA , GE Wind Energy , VALEO , EADS , Siemens are among our references.

Some of the projects have led to applicative extensions of SDT which may be licensed or used for new projects.

SDTools has significant experience in the following areas

  • Analysis and design methodologies for damping using viscoelastic materials.
  • Experimental modal analysis, test/analysis correlation, structural dynamics modification, force identification.
  • Contact/friction models, in the frequency and time domains for brake squeal and damping applications.
  • Development of advanced FEM simulations. The contribution can be at the solver or formulation level (multi-physics problems such as piezo, thermo, or poro elasticity, … ).
    Advanced model reduction techniques have been the object of numerous in house applications (for example for the analysis of viscoelastic vibration, vibroacoustics or rotating machinery). Customized time integration for moving contacts or dynamic contact with friction has been involved in several projects.

For more information on these services please contact Etienne Balmes.

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