Although we do not offer training courses on a regular basis, we often do training for new industrial users. Usual one day topics are

  • Experimental Modal Analysis ( Geometry generation, Data importing, Operational Deflection Shapes, Identification, Test Analysis Correlation)
  • Finite Element Modeling ( Model creation and import, boundary conditions and load creation, static analysis, eigenvalue computations, post-processing, creation of state-space models, substructuring )
  • Advanced test/analysis correlation ( Advanced topology correlation, test/analysis correlation, modeshape expansion, handling of parameterized finite element models, basics of model updating )

but we normally prepare more focused training sessions by asking the client to specify a set of problems of interest. Client specific training has been found to be more effective in getting people started on their immediate problems. Past clients of such training include Airbus France, ESA/ESTEC, PSA, DGA (Bassin d’Essai des Carènes, CTSN), Bosch.

These courses are given either at ENSAM or at user sites. To get a proposal please contact Etienne Balmes.