Experimental Modal Analysis using SDT dedicated GUI (dock ID)

SDT provides advanced solutions for Experimental Modal Analysis.

They are integrated in the “dock Id” providing an interactive interface to perform this task:
⚙️ Define pole/residue model options
🌱 Initialize poles (mode frequencies and dampings)
💡 Estimate residues (shapes)
🔎 Check identification quality
▶ Animate mode shapes
🔄 Optimize modes (poles + residues)
📄 Generate automated report

The video demonstrates its use for standard cases.

Many refinements can be needed in the process.
The tool is thus meant to be versatile in the options, visualization choices, and tuning for expert users if needed.
It retains a default configuration that should suit most needs, devised from our numerous application cases throughout the years.

Stay-tuned for more theoretical explanations in a next post!

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