EuroBrake 2024: let’s meet there!

EuroBrake is happening next week in Mainz and SDTools will be attending with Guilllaume Vermot des Roches. No presentation for us this year, but we are still very active in brake NVH applications, so we will be happy to get in touch with you over there!

Our recent work focuses on a fast method where an HBV (Harmonic Balanced Vector) signal model is estimated using demodulation. This allows tracking of instant frequency, damping and spatial shapes from transient squeal signals.
This method can be used to analyze very long experimental measurements and simulation results.

The attached movie illustrates this technique : it is applied to track a squeal response obtained from a non-linear time simulation on a simplified brake model.  The pressure field first harmonic is displayed over time to illustrate its evolution as amplitude grows

Squeal signal tracking. Top Left: transient response, treated cycles in red, amplitude estimation in green. Bottom left: spectrogram and estimation instant. Top Right: pressure field first harmonic evolution over time. Bottom right: instant frequency and damping estimation over time.

We will submit communications soon on this technique, applied on both test measurements and simulations – stay tuned!

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