SDT Runtime

The SDT Runtime license allows you to use the MATLAB compiler to generate stand-alone executables that use SDT and FEMLink capabilities. The Runtime license answers the need to allow large scale deployment of solutions developed with SDT. Typical reasons to purchase a Runtime license are

  • You are part of a group that develops methods and needs to pass these methods to other groups that will use your developments in a black box mode. This was for example the motivation of SNCF to use a Runtime license to deploy a pantograph/catenary interaction simulation package OSCAR.
  • You are part of a group that uses SDT to produce simulations on a regular basis (as part of a standard design and validation process). Purchasing SDT Runtime, will let you generate a standalone application that will let you deploy your simulation on several machines (cluster, cloud, …). This motivated Bosch Braking Systems to use a Runtime license in their design process.

The SDT Runtime license is based on a fixed annual rate that is independent on the number of instances of compiled SDT running. This can correspond to a major saving compared to the traditional licensing per running job found in major FEM packages (NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS).

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