CSMA 2024 : Hybrid FEM/test twin building, an electric engine case history

SDTools will be present at the CSMA 2024 conference https://csma2024.sciencesconf.org/

The talk [1] to be given will address challenges associated to the generation of a Hybrid FEM/test twin model of an automotive electric car engine in partnership with Stellantis:

  • Describing test outputs
    The electric engine case study being detailed combines strong dominance of harmonic responses and un-measured inputs. The harmonic balance vector signal model chosen gives a space/time/frequency approximation of the response.
  • Choosing model parameters
    Geometry, contacts in bolted joints and laminated stacks, non-linear viscoelastic bushings have here a notable impact.
  • Building a reduced parametric model
    This provides a 2 to 3 orders of magnitude speedup that is necessary for any practical application.
  • Building a Hybrid FEM/test twin model
    Test and FEM are combined using an expansion-based state/parameter estimation process.

[1] https://csma2024.sciencesconf.org/499609/document