SDT 7.1 released

SDT 7.1 is the only version fully compatible with MATLAB 9.4 (2018b) to 9.6 (2019a) mostly due to changes in the representation of complex numbers in MATLAB. Key changes of this release are

    • A continued effort in making the experimental modal analysis part of SDT section 2.2 fully accessible without any script is nearly complete. Functions however obviously remain accessible from the command line to users will to learn how to use them. The associated docks Id (for experimental modal analysis see section 2.2), CoTopo (topology correlation see section 3.1) and CoShape (test/FEM correlation see section 3.2) have been extended and tutorials have been introduced.
    • A major effort was put on the documentation. The new structuration of demos into tutorials helps training. You can for example see tutorials in various files with d_mesh(‘tuto’), gartid(‘tuto’), d_cor(‘tuto’), d_cms(‘tuto’), …. Equations are now shown as SVG files which improves readability, but may pose problems on some older versions of MATLAB where the help browser does not support SVG.
    • We are still working with the MathWorks on improving reliability of the help browser. To bypass some bugs, you may have to change default location where the help is shown using sdtdef(‘browser-SetPref’,‘-helpbrowser’) or sdtdef(‘browser-SetPref’,‘-webbrowser’). For clickable areas of SVG figures, use Ctrl-Click to open in a new window or right-click and select Open in a new tab.

Outside improved robustness of the GUI, key changes for FEMLink are

    • ans2sdt extended BDF reading in particular for orthotropic materials and substructure export (to ease superelement import). Job submission integration is now supported as a consulting project feature.
    • nasread compatibility with NX Nastran BGSET and BSURFS cards. Documentation of superelement (see d_cms(‘TutoNasCb’)). Performance of MAT9 and set reading.
    •  abaqus significant .inp reading improvements *distribution,*hyperelastic, set handling, … Performance of large .fil reading. Robustness and performance enhancements of resolve commands. Introduction of a .dat reading framework for customer use, with complex modes output reading support.

You can download SDT 7.1 from