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AcouFren A design tool for brake squeal has been developed by SDTools in the collaborative project AcouFren, sponsored by ADEME and steered by SNCF, involving several main actors of the railway industry and academia, Alstom, Bombardier, Faiveley Transport, IFSTTAR, ECL-LTDS, ENPC, Vibratec, and SDTools.
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European Space Agency, ESTEC Control design and validation of the HYDRA platform

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Bosch, Drancy BOSCH Braking Systems uses SDT to simulate instabilities linked to squeal. The flexibility of output subsampling and restart tools are key to managing the volume of data generated by the simulation.
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Bosch CR/ARPB Simulation and Active Control of Hydroacoustics in Flexible Piping Systems
SNCF Dynamic Simulation of the Pantograph/Catenary Interaction

SNCF Train/track interaction model

EADS Model validation and verification

Renault Test Analysis