SDT Beta version

This page is the permanent link for beta releases of SDT. Features of the current beta release of SDT release are updated in the documentation posted at

  • SDT 7.2 is compatible with MATLAB 2012a (7.15) to 2019b (9.7).
  • Currently compiled platforms are Windows (mexw64), Linux (mexa64). For earlier releases, see details
  • For download
    1. Unzip to a temporary directory (no accents accepted in the name)
    2. Use sdtcheck sitereq to generate a license request as detailed in
    3. Save the sdt.lic file which you will receive by email in the same directory.
    4. Install using sdtkey install . You may define a local variable target=’mydir’ to specify a non default location for your SDT.

The previous installation procedure is detailed at