SDT 7.0 released

SDT 7.0 is now released.

SDT 7.0 is the only version compatible with MATLAB 9.2 (2017a), 9.3 (2017b) and 9.4 (2018b) mostly due to ongoing improvements of MATLAB graphics. Key changes of this release are

  • A full rewrite and major extension of modal analysis graphical interfaces and documentation detailed in section 2.2. Step-by-step tutorials, such as  section 2.2.1, include buttons of the form Run which you can use to execute a step. LSCF and stabilization diagrams are now supported.
  • The new notion of docks corresponds to MATLAB docks where multiple figures are combined for a typical use. Currently supported docks are
    • Id : for experimental modal analysis see section 2.2
    • TestFEM : topology correlation see section 3.1
    • MAC : test/FEM correlation see ii_mac.
  • A major update of SDT GUI with most existing tabs ported to Java mode and necessary in docks. You can set the default tab to Java mode using sdtdef(‘JavaUI’,1) or turn it off with sdtdef(‘JavaUI’,0). User documentation of tabs can be found in section 8.2. Developer level documentation of GUI functions is now included in section 8.
  • Use sdtweb(‘feplot’,‘webbrowser’) to bypass the not yet fixed MATLAB bug where the links within pages are not called appropriately.

Key changes for FEMLink are

  • ans2sdt improved import of .cdb and support of contacts.
  • nasread Direct import of EXTESOUT output to SDT superelement format. Continued enhancements of bulk and op2 reading. Initial support of .op2 format writing of responses.
  • abaqus continued enhancements of .INP reading in particular for composites and superelements, contact, … Significant writing enhancements.
  • GUI import of models is supported with the FEMLink tab, section 8.2.2.

You can download SDT 7.0 from