OpenFEM is a Finite Element library developed by SDTools, INRIA, and others. The first version of OpenFEM was developed based on parts of existing software packages MODULEF and SDT.

OpenFEM is distributed under the LGPL license and you can use the OpenFEM trademark under this license.

SDT adds, to the OpenFEM distribution, support and

  • solvers for structural dynamics problems (eigenvalue, component mode synthesis, state-space model building, …);
  • solvers capable of handling large problems (100 000 DOFs or more) efficiently when MATLAB does not;
  • a complete set of tools for graphical pre/post-processing in an object oriented environment;
  • high level handling of FEM solutions using cases (boundary conditions, constraints, physical parametrization);
  • interface with other finite element codes with FEMLink.

Access to the SVN version of OpenFEM can be found at

SDTools typically posts a beta version of SDT that includes the latest OpenFEM developments at This copy is meant for collaboration with advanced SDT users and can be installed as a normal SDT.