SDT 7.4 posted

SDT 7.4 is the only version fully compatible with MATLAB 9.4 (2018b) to 9.12 (2022a) mostly due to changes in the representation of complex numbers in MATLAB. Key changes of this release are

  • the introduction of the +vhandle package of classes to upgrade earlier functionality implemented in v_handle. In particular, vhandle.matrix provides a user readable access point to C libraries linked into the mkl_utils mex file corresponding to matrix like operators, but with possible parallel or initialization/repeated call (called inspector/executor by INTEL) optimization. This has provided speedup factors between 2 and 100 for a range of high performance time computations using both implicit or explicit time schemes. The SDT/nlsim token may be required for calls to the nl_solve diagNewmark solver (non-linear time domain transients in modal coordinates) and to the nl_solve expNewmark (explicit time solver). The vhandle.chandle object is used to provide init/call separation for non matrix like objects.
  • on the experimental modal analysis side, the handling of parametric tests (dependence on temperature, loading, amplitude, …)
  • full rewrite of fluid structure interaction implementation in fsc. Added Transmission Loss and Rayleigh integral computation capabilities.
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