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1.7  Release notes for SDT and FEMLink 7.1

1.7.1  Key features

SDT 7.1 is the only version fully compatible with MATLAB 9.4 (2018b) to 9.6 (2019a) mostly due to changes in the representation of complex numbers in MATLAB. Key changes of this release are

Outside improved robustness of the femlink GUI, key changes for FEMLink are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.7.3.

1.7.2  Detail by function

comguiimproved robustness and performance of Java interfaces, dock handling, menu_generation mechanism associated with OsDic.
demosdtTutorials underwent a major rewrite. d_cms now documents direct NASTRAN superelement import.
fe2ssextended and improved documentation of damping handling strategies.
fecomrobustness of Show commands. In particular, ShowFi... now allows custom inits and is automatically added to the context menu.
fesuperimprovement of SE definition strategies with SEAdd, improved support of p_super definitions with SEinitCoef, and assembly calls with MatTyp -1 and -2. New command SeDofShow to display selected superelement active DOF on a full FE model in feplot.
feutilNotable performance and generality improvements in the handling of sets. Support of pyra elements.
 Support of regular expression on sename searches selet eltname SE:#se[0-9]*, introduction of exclusion type in node and element selection operations. New operator &~ to subtract a selection from a current result. Introduction of element set exclusion using :exclude token following setname. Introduction of element selection type safesetname that returns empty elements instead of an exception. Support of setnames in double quotes for robust handling of setnames with special characters and spaces.
fe_casegIntroduction of high level parametrization procedures for isotropic materials, any structural element and superelement, with command series Par*
fe_cyclicimproved support for multi-dimensional periodicity. This can be used with the support/fe_homo.m file which SDTools provides for free but with no support guarantee.
fe_eigcontinued performance enhancements associated with memory management techniques, introduction of an Out-Of-Core modal basis storage support for method 5 (Lanczos).
fe_expMDRE expansion has been significantly enhanced and an initial version of an expansion tab is now provided.
fe_gmshintroduced support for the new GMSH 4.0 format.
fe_matImproved robustness of unit conversion commands.
fe_mpcExtended Rbe3 and CleanUsed commands.
fe_normmajor performance improvement of MSeq procedure. Introduction of an option to force vector collinearity tolerance estimation in the normalization procedure.
fe_rangeIntroduction of a Genetic algorithm framework with command GeneLoop. Introduction of an output data handling command Res that allows extracting and/or reformatting output data. Improvement of data sampler object getXFslice and introduction of an interpolation mode for coarse gridded data.
fe_reduccontinued performance enhancements associated with memory management techniques.


    partially supported function for mesh morphing field projection is now included in the distribution.
fe_stressExtended CritFcn calls, support of piezoelectric volumes, and export of weighted volumes associated with Gauss points in the .wjdet field.


all SDT mex files now properly support the new complex number storage of MATLAB.
idcommajor improvement of band selection and pole extraction in stabilization diagrams. Improved dock functionality, performance and robustness. Menus for data manipulation (permute IO, SvdCur, ...) are introduced. Keyboard interaction has been improved.
 performance and robustness of the Channel tab has been improved.
id_rcimprovements of signal utilities dbsdt, filter, rms, a weights
iicomimproved file and dock reloading. Improved robustness of linked plots (magnitude/phase), keyboard interactions, java interaction.
ii_macthe dockCoShape was notably extended and documented.
m_piezosee sdtweb('pz_new') for specific release notes.
moldflowThis FEMLink function provides partial support of import of models exported by MoldFlow in Nastran, Universal and ANSYS formats.
polytecimproved translation of metadata associated with measurements.
p_shellMerge commands have been extended for piezo applications.
p_solidSupport for element by element changes of properties has been notable extended.
pyra5a new 5 node pyramid element is supported to ease mesh refining strategies in particular with level set strategies in lsutil.
sdtcheckUtilities for sdtrootdir, rlmstat, rlm, patchfile were extended and robustified for use in patching and demos.
sdtrootSubcommand @sfield for advanced struct manipulations is now supported.
sdtdefclear definition of preferences with session scope (by default) or permanent scope (-setpref). Revision to alleviate preference file corruption with simultaneous statups. New commands envSet, envWrite to allow preferences load/ in .env files independently from the MATLAB session, compatible with deployed applications.
sdtacxnow supports section insertion in Word for easier report generation.


_tuto command provides generic support of tutorials the new base format for SDT demos.
comstrrobustness enhancements. -39 exports matlab variables to Python script. Support of nested string parsing with ”"” tokens in -25 calls.
mkl_utilsthis mex file used to optimize time integration processes is now included in the base SDT.
ofactsdtcheck(''patchMkl''' can be used to install the Pardiso solver which now supports complex matrices and can be notably faster for solutions with few right hand side solves. umfpack method is now properly supported for recent MATLAB.

1.7.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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