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1.8  Release notes for SDT and FEMLink 7.0

1.8.1  Key features

SDT 7.0 is the only version compatible with MATLAB 9.2 (2017a), 9.3 (2017b) and 9.4 (2018b) mostly due to ongoing improvements of MATLAB graphics. Key changes of this release are

Key changes for FEMLink are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.8.3.

1.8.2  Detail by function

This list is not yet complete.

basisClarified error for repeated BasId. New methods for multibody transformations.
cbushmajor rewrite of documentation and introduced support commands for non-linear applications.
comguicomgui gui command clarifies robust opening of feplot, iiplot figures linked to projects. Robustness in presence of mixed MATLAB/Java figures was improved.
fe_caserobustness enhancements in name matching. getFixDof implemented as subfunction to allow external calls.
fe_cycliccompatibility with multi-physic periodic problems was enhanced.
fe_curveImproved sweep generation and many minor improvements
fe_defmany detail improvements on silent operation and robustness. SubResample command implements optimized resampling.
fe_eigtolerance strategy was changed in solver 5 for improved convergence.
fe_expunderwent a major revision allowing the use of MDRE and MDRE-WE algorithms with the use of reduced models as well as proposing associated energy displays.
fe_loadImproved generality of DofSet case entries.
fe_mkImproved support of orientation maps in particular for stress computations.
fe_qualityintroduced a clean command to clean meshes in particular by straightening edges.
fe_rangemajor improvement of GUI operations and stat commands.
fe_reducImproved compatibility with parametric models, performance for large models, static correction in poorly conditionned cases.
fe_sensMajor rewrite of TestBas tab section 8.2.4 and associated commands.
 TdofTable now supports callbacks Distance view and SensorZoom selection.
FEMLinkGUI operation is now supported.
fe_stressCorrected stress computation problems in bar1 elements.
fesuperSeRestit was enhanced for restitution of multibody results.
id_rcRobustness enhancements for QualTable, see section 2.5.2
id_rmnew commands such as PermuteIO, ...
ii_macSignificant enhancements of GUI, context menus and docked operations.
iimouseRobustness enhancements in particular for multi-figure interactivity used in docks
m_elasticContinued extensions of orthotropic material support with orientation maps.
polytecOfficial support of Polytec file access interfacing.
p_piezoBug correction in cases with material orientation.
p_beamRevised handling of 3D section views.
sdtrootRobustness enhancements for project handling and export to Word/PowerPoint.
 Evolution of Java tables with MATLAB changes.
ufreadSupport of GUI operation.

1.8.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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