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Material function for piezoelectric solids


 mat= m_piezo('database name')
 pl = m_piezo('dbval MatId  -elas 12 Name');

See section2 for tutorial calls. Accepted commands are

[Database,Dbval] [-unit TY] [,MatiD]] Name

m_piezo contains a number of defaults obtained with the database and dbval commands which respectively return a structure or an element property row. You can select a particular entry of the database with using a name matching the database entries.

Piezoelectric materials are associated with two material identifiers, the main defines the piezoelectric properties and contains a reference ElasMatId to an elastic material used for the elastic properties of the material (see m_elastic for input formats).

  m_piezo('info') % List of materials in data base
  % database piezo and elastic properties
  pl=m_piezo('dbval 3 -elas 12 Sample_ULB')

Theoretical details on piezoelectric materials are given in chapter1. The m_piezo Const and BuildConstit commands support integration constant building for piezo electric volumes integrated in the standard volume elements. Element properties are given by p_solid entries, while materials formats are detailed here.


Supports the specification of a number of patches available on the market. The call uses an option structure with fields

m_piezo('patch') lists currently implemented geometries. In particular

The piezoelectric constants can be declared using the following sub-types

1 : Simplified 3D piezoelectric properties

[ProId Type ElasMatId d31 d32 d33 eps1T eps2T eps3T EDType]

These simplified piezoelectric properties(92) can be used for PVDF, but also for PZT if shear mode actuation/sensing is not considered (d24=d15=0). For EDType==0 on assumes d is given. For EDType==1, e is given. Note that the values of єT (permitivity at zero stress) should be given (and not єS).

2 : General 3D piezo

[ProId Type ElasMatId d_1:18 epsT_1:9]

d_1:18 are the 18 constants of the [d] matrix (see section1.2.1), and epsT_1:9 are the 9 constants of the [єT] matrix. One reminds that strains are stored in order xx,yy,zz,yz,zx,yx.

3 : General 3D piezo, e matrix

[ProId Type ElasMatId e_1:18 epsT_1:9]

e_1:18 are the 18 constants of the [d] matrix, and epsT_1:9 are the 9 constants of the [єT] matrix in the constitutive law (see section1.2.1).

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