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SDT file navigation function.


This function allows opening the SDT documentation, opening classical file types outside Matlab, and source code navigation.


When not called by a command starting with _, sdtweb opens a file.

The documentation can be displayed at two locations :

(Note that without the -SetPref, the displayed location is only modified for the current session, which is useful to temporarily switch from one display to the other.)

Their is a MATLAB bug when displayed in the help browser : links to locations on a page sometimes do not work properly, so that using the web browser is more convienient for now. It is recommended to use the help browser only to do a research in the documentation or if the table of content is really needed.

The main cases are

 sdtweb feutil             % Html documentation of feutil
 sdtweb feutil#Renumber    % at a tag in the HTML file
 sdtweb feutil#Renumber -browser  % same but in external browser
 sdtweb feutil('renumber') % open .m file at tag 'renumber'
 sdtweb source.c#tag       % source.c file at tag 
 sdtweb file.doc           % opens word for a given file.doc

sdtweb('_path') lists the help search path. sdtweb('_pathReset') redefines preferences.


sdtweb('_link','callback','comment') creates a clickable link.

sdtweb('_links','callback','comment') creates a clickable link showing just the comment.

sdtweb('_wd',wd0,wd1) recursively searches for a subdirectory of wd0 named wd1. Command option -reset regenerates the underlying directory scan.

sdtweb('_fname',fname,wd0) recursively searches for a file named fname in wd0 or any of its subdirectories, or the current directory.

sdtweb('_find','base_wd','filename') searches for a file within the base working directory.

sdtweb('_tracker','support',979) opens a tracker on the support web site.

sdtweb('_BP','FunctionName','Tag') Find Tag in FunctionName (result of sdtweb FunctionName Tag and set breakup here for debug.

sdtweb('_TexFromHTML','HmtlFileName') Find .tex and line source corresponding to the HmtlFileName.html help file.


This commands opens the TagList figure (tree view of your file providing links for source code navigation)

  sdtweb _taglist   % Open taglist of current editor file (if not docked)
  sdtweb _taglist feutil % Open taglist of feutil

Accepted command options are

The coding styles convention associated to the TagList parsing are detailed in section 7.17 (sdtweb('syntax')).

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