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1.9  Release notes for SDT and FEMLink 6.8

1.9.1  Key features

SDT 6.8 is the only version compatible with MATLAB 8.6 (2015b) and 9.0 (2016a) mostly due to ongoing improvements of MATLAB graphics. Key changes of this release are

Key changes for FEMLink are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.9.3.

1.9.2  Detail by function

beam1supports the Beam1In flag to avoid use of inertia correction.
cbushfixed problems with use of node in element for local orientation definition and hysteretic damping computations.
comguimajor extensions of the image writing capabilities. Export to Word and PowerPoint is now included with the project definition. Movie generation with the .gif extension and multi-extension (for example .png and .fig) are now included. Improved cropping options. Improved file name generation and interaction with projects, see comgui PlotWd. Introduction of style sheets, see OsDic.
fe_coorrobustness enhancements for enforced motion problems opt(1)=4.
fe_cyclicenhanced support of long and double formats used to store solutions of cyclic and periodic systems. See also the unsupported fe_homo function.
fe_defSubDef enhanced to support HDF formats and exports from fe_time results. SubCh and SubDOF extensions. CurveJoin supports definition of interpolation functions.
fe_expMajor rewrite to support all expansion methods based on a reduced superelement.
fe_gmshNotable extension of job writing call to GMSH capabilities.
fe_mknlRobustness of map merging.
fe_rangeMajor extension of GUI for visualization of experiments and the command loop for manipulating hierarchical computations.
fe_reducMinor robustness enhancements and introduction of a Free float=2 option where loads are orthogonalized with respect to known modes which improves conditioning.
fe_sensSignificant robustness and interactivity enhancements of GUI. Extension of fe_sens tdofTable.
fe_simulGUI for mode computations.
fe_timeRewrite of follow timers to allow checks during time integration.
feutilsetMat "Steel" Rho=1e-9 is how accepted. Significant extensions of set manipulation capabilities. Extended support of silent operation when using commands ending with an ;. Major rewrite of Refine operations for improved performance. Fixes to FixMpcMaster. GeomSmoothEdge places edge mid-node based on normals. Robust operation of GetDD to recover constitutive properties. Node manipulation operators (symmetry, shift, ...).
 performance and robustness enhancements for matching and connectivity based algorithms.
fecomfecom AnimMovie supports generation of a directory of animated shapes. ColorMatId is documented. Synchronized figures are used in ii_mac. TextMatId places a label in the middle of each material area.
feguiCritFcn provides a first documentation of criterion functions used to formalize objective functions with coloring and threshold strategies.
fesuperRobustness enhancements in SE generation, stack splitting, and handling of v_handle.
id_rcQualTable sensor sets by mode and I/O pair.
id_rmAdded new commands: PermuteIO to ease handling of hammer tests, FlipdataSign to handle sensors with flipped sign, Mass for low level implementation of modal mass estimation.
idcomRewrite of generalized mass estimation. Rewrite of menu structure.
ii_macMacCo was extended with a ByMode option. Options .MinMAC, .Df documented for pairing. Continued efforts in output formatting and export to Word/Excel/TeX. ShowDock documented to obtain MAC and two deformations, _PlotMacTick accessible from main menu Edit view, MacText accessible from context menu display text values. MacError table supports navigation in modes.
ii_mmifrobustness enhancements vel,acc, FFT properly detects spatial and time transforms. Stats introduced to handle typical feature extraction, MMIF ByIn/Out.
ii_plpplp supports significant extensions of line markers.
iicomExtended export to word. Notable robustness and documentation enhancements to all comgui objSet commands.
iimousecompatibility with recent evolutions of MATLAB. Improved datatip handling. Rewrite of context menus. Support of ViewClone for multiple feplot figures. Subfunction LinkedCh was extended to enhance table interactivity with more table types (Java tables in particular). Docking commands how support topology definition.
of_mkimproved parallel operations and compatibility with MATLAB 2016a (affects multiple OpenFEM functions).
p_beamimproved support of stress computations.
p_piezoRobustness enhancements in the support of multiple consitutive law formats.
p_shellformulations 5x support rotation inertia for explicit time integration. SetThick can be used to introduced variable thickness areas.
p_ztimplementation of a zero thickness element family used to constrain normal and tangential displacement on possibly curved interfaces.
sdtcheckrobustness enhancements in particular for PatchJavapath which is necessary for new GUI operations.
sdtroothas been notably extended with many new tabs, support floating tabs in GUI development, ... Related changes affect sdt_locale, sdcedit, sdt_dialogs, ....
sdtwebnotable extensions of support commands _wd, _find, ...

1.9.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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