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1.10  Release notes for SDT and FEMLink 6.7

1.10.1  Key features

SDT 6.7 is the only version compatible with MATLAB 8.4 (2014b) and later. Key changes of this release are

Key changes for FEMLink are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.10.3.

1.10.2  Detail by function

comguimajor revision of image (ImWrite), filename (ImFtitle) and legend (def.Legend) generation utilities.
 Major extensions of the grouped object setting objSet commands used by SDT for figure and object formatting. Name generation extended and properly documented in objString
 Export of java tables to LaTeX/csv/text formats.
cingujmajor rewrite of the JAVA based GUI part of the toolbox with many bug fixes. A static javapath is now desired and fixed with sdtcheck('PatchJavaPath').
fe2ssintroduced -cpx command option for complex mode state-space support where hysteretic damping models can be used. This complements the alternative -loss2C. fe2ss SysDef now support restitution of enforced displacement.
feplotsignificant extensions of colormaps. Full rewrite of fecom AnimMovie.
feutilextended support for non OpenFEM face numbering schemes. OptimDegen transforms degenerate elements to their lower node number counterpart. Extended support of silent mode with ; at end of command.
feutilbprovides commands CombineModel and SubModel to support combination of models or extraction of submodels with clean handling of Stack, Mat/Pro, Case entries.
fe_casemore robust handling of hysteretic damping assembly for interpolated materials. Introduced fe_case SetCurve commands to easier handling of time/frequency varying loads.
fe_ceigfirst order correction is now supported with CeigMethod=2.
fe_cyclicsupport of inertial loading on partial model.
fe_eigGenMass command generates table of generalized masses.
fe_expmajor rewrite of function and documentation to support newer data structures and optimize performance.
fe_loadimproved support of DofLoad.
fe_matrobustness of unit handling, extensions of material law interpolation.
fe_mpcFixDofBas2mpc supports transform of local basis FixDof to MPC entries. DofSetMerge combines multiple DOFSet into one, which is the only case supported by most solvers.
fe_senstdofTable handling of sensor definitions as tables has been further documented and robustified.
fe_rangesignificantly extend commands previously in fe_def('range') for DOE handling.
fe_simulextended support of damping and enforced input (DofSet) entries in direct frequency response.
fe_timesupport for enforced displacement with DOFSet entries has been introduced.
fe_timesignificant extensions and performance enhancements for explicit solvers.
fe_mknloptimized support for node numbers above 2e9. Robustness and documentation extensions for pro.MAP.
fe_stresscomputation of Von Mises stress is now compiled.
iicomsignificant extension of support for 2D plots (contour, image, ...). Robustness and documentation improvements of multiple image generation ImWrite.
iimousemajor rewrite for R2014b compatibility, interactivity with java tables (comstr -17). Support of docking and datatip interactivity. Additional keyboard callbacks (press ? in iiplot or feplot).
id_rcenhanced support of error and quality indicators of identification quality.
id_rmrobustness and GUI enhancements.
ii_macsignificant GUI rewrite in particular for table generation.
ii_mmifrobustness enhancements for signal processing capabilities.
ii_plpmajor extensions of Legend, TickFcn, introduction of new ColorMap
m_piezosupport for a database of commercial piezo patches has been introduced. Materials have been added and properties corrected.
nor2ssfixed compatibility issues with the Control Toolbox and Simulink. Improved warnings.
p_piezointroduced new Tab commands to display model and material properties in a easily readable forms.
p_solidimproved support of anisotropic materials and composite shell.
res2ssnotable rewrite and fixed compatibility issues with the Control Toolbox and Simulink.
sdtwebsignificant robustness enhancements. Improved _TagList. Introduction of _find command for file search.
setlinesimproved compatibility with comgui objSet.
ufread,ufwriteimproved compatibility LMS-Testlab and performance enhancements.
cbush,celasimproved support for gyroscopic matrices and loss factor.

1.10.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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