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8.4  Generic URN conventions

urn, stands for Uniform Resource Name, which are used in SDT to designate, select or build objects. This is used throughout SDT for models, GUI, design or experiments.

8.4.1  Format dependent string conversion (urnCb, urnVal)

The specification of callbacks is handled by sdtm.urnCb which follows the rules

Vector generation handled by sdtm.urnValG (which is called with the %g format)

Vector generation handled by sdtm.urnValUG (which is called with the %ug format) eases the specification of units by considering the following replacements : nano n by 1e-9, micro u by 1e-6, milli m by 1e-3,unit no replacement, kilo k by 1e3, mega M by 1e6, giga G by 1e9.

Vector generation handled by sdtm.urnValS (which is called with variants of the %s format)

8.4.2  Search for graphical objects by name sdth.urn

This is a partial list of ongoing uniformed naming of graphical objects. The naming can be

8.4.3  Specification of graphical objects (urnObj)

8.4.4  String conversion DOE events (urnSig)

Conventions DOE nomenclature

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