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10. Function reference

User Interface (UI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Tools
fecom UI command function for deformations created with feplot
femesh UI command function for mesh building and modification
feplot GUI for 3-D deformation plots
fesuper UI commands for superelement manipulations
idcom UI commands for standard identification procedures
idopt manipulation of identification options
iicom UI commands for measurement data visualization
ii_mac GUI for MAC and other vector correlation criteria
iiplot GUI for the visualization of frequency response data

Experimental Model Identification
idcom UI commands linked to identification
idopt manipulation of options for identification related functions
id_rc broadband pole/residue model identification
id_rcopt alternate optimization algorithm for id_rc
id_rm minimal and reciprocal MIMO model creation
id_nor optimal normal mode model identification
id_poly weighted least square orthogonal polynomial identification
id_dspi direct system parameter identification algorithm
ii_poest narrow-band single pole model identification
ii_pof transformations between pole representation formats
psi2nor optimal complex/normal mode model transformation
res2nor simplified complex to normal mode residue transformation

UI and GUI Utilities
comgui general purpose functions for the graphical user interfaces
commode general purpose parser for UI command functions
comstr general purpose string handling routine
iimouse mouse related callbacks (zooming, info, ...)
feutil mesh handling utilities
ii_plp overplot vertical lines to indicate pole frequencies
setlines line style and color sequencing utility
Frequency Response Analysis Tools
db amplitude in dB (decibels)
ii_cost FRF comparison with quadratic and logLS cost
ii_mmif Multivariate Mode Indicator Function
phaseb phase (in degrees) with an effort to unwrap along columns
rms Root Mean Square response
Test/analysis correlation tools
fe_exp experimental shape expansion
fe_sens sensor configuration declaration and sensor placement tools
ii_comacobsolete (supported by ii_mac)
ii_mac GUI for MAC and other vector correlation criteria
Finite Element Analysis Tools
fe2ss methods to build ss models from full order FEM
fe_c DOF selection and I/O matrix creation
fe_case Cases (loads, boundary conditions, etc.) handling
fe_ceig computation and normalization of complex modes
fe_coor transformation matrices for Component Mode Synthesis
fe_eig partial and full eigenvalue computations
fe_load assembly of distributed load vectors
fe_mat material property handling utilities
fe_mk assembly of full and reduced FE models
fe_norm orthonormalization and collinearity check
fe_reduc utilities for finite element model reduction
fe_stress element energies and stress computations
fe_super generic element function for superelement support
rigid projection matrix for linearized rigid body constraints
Model Format Conversion
nor2res normal mode model to complex mode residue model
nor2ss assemble state-space model linked to normal mode model
nor2xf compute FRF associated to a normal mode model
qbode fast computation of FRF of a state-space model
res2ss pole/residue to state space model
res2tf pole/residue to/from polynomial model
res2xf compute FRF associated to pole/residue model
ss2res state-space to pole/residue model
Finite Element Update Tools
upcom user interface for finite element update problems
up_freq semi-direct update by comparison modal frequencies
up_ifreq iterative update by comparison of modal frequencies
up_ixf iterative update based on FRF comparison
up_minminimization algorithm for FE update algorithms

Interfaces with Other Software
ans2sdt reading of ANSYS binary files (FEMLink)
nasread read from MSC/NASTRAN .dat, .f06, .o2, .o4 files (some with FEMLink)
naswrite write data to MSC/NASTRAN bulk data deck (some with FEMLink)
nas2up extended reading of NASTRAN files
ufread read Universal File Format (some with FEMLink)
ufwrite write Universal File Format (some with FEMLink)

Other Utilities
basis coordinate transformation utilities
ffindstrfind string in a file
ordersorts eigenvalues and eigenvectors accordingly
remiinteger rem function (remi(6,6)=6 and not 0)
setlines line type and color sequencing
sdth SDT handle objects
ofact creation and operators on ofact matrix objects
sdtcheck installation handling and troubleshooting utilities

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