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Class constructor for SDT handle objects.


  methods(sdth) % to list methods


The Structural Dynamics Toolbox now supports SDT handles (sdth objects). Currently implemented types for sdth objects are

SDTRootglobal context information used by the toolbox. This object contains reload commands (typically dock opening) that you may want to bypass and only load the data contained in the saved file. To do so, you must create the variable ReloadAsStruct=1; in your base workspace before executing the load command.
IDoptidentification options (see idopt)
FeplotFigfeplot figure handle
IiplotFigiiplot figure handle
VectCorVector correlation handle (see ii_mac)
XFstack pointer (see xfopt)

SDT handles are wrapper objects used to give easier access to user interface functions. Thus idopt displays a detailed information of current identification options rather than the numeric values really used.

Only advanced programmers should really need access to the internal structure of SDT handles. The fixed fields of the object are opt, type, data, GHandle (if the sdth object is stored in a graphical object), and vfields.

Most of the information is stored in the variable field storage field vfields and a field of vfields is accessible using GetData. To get the model of a cf FeplotFig, you may use the syntax cf.mdl.GetData.


File utilities handles folder search, canonical path resolution, switches between full and relative path, file locking...

os, cf.os_, cf.osd_

os is a short cut method to access comgui objSet.

sdth.os('l.') lists currently loaded OsDic entries. sdth.os('l.Fg') lists a category associated with the first two letters. sdth.os('l.FiCevalz') lists the details of a specific entry.

figure(10);plot([0 1]);  
sdth.os(10,'ImGrid'); % Apply the ImGrid style using objSet
sdth.os('')   % List current Im styles 
ci.osd_('ImGrid','ImLw40') % Apply two styles short cut to command below


urn, stands for Uniform Resource Name, which are used in SDT to designate and/or select GUI objects (for example sdth.urn('') selects the iiplot figure of the identification dock) or model components (for example sdth.urn('Test.DOF',model) will seek a stack entry called Test in the model then extract the associated .DOF field.

For a more extensive list see sdthurn.


Models may contain a .nmap field used to store name maps for nodes, materials, bases, ... examples of usage are given in d_feplot. This field should be a vhandle.nmap object which is a handle associated to maps and more details are given in the documentation of that object but could be a containers.Map object which uses string keys access to values.


findobj implements objects recovery and implements parsing strategies compatible with subsref and subsasgn formats.

Given a graphical object as a first argument findobj overloads the MATLAB findobj command with added robustness. The call is complemented with a findall call is the fondobj command does find anything. The sytax is then the same as for a classical findobj call, as e.g. gf=sdt.findobj(0,'Type','figure','Tag','feplot').

Further commands provides specific object property handling and subs parsing.

See also

feplot, idopt, iiplot, ii_mac, xfopt

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