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Frequency response functions (in the xf format) for linear systems.


xf = qbode(a,b,c,d,w)
xf = qbode(ss,w)
xf = qbode(num,den,w)
XF = qbode( ... ,'command')
     qbode( ... ,'iiplot ...') %see fe2ss for examples


For state-space models described by matrices a, b, c, d, or the LTI state-space object sys (see Control System Toolbox), qbode uses an eigenvalue decomposition of a to compute, in a minimum amount of time, all the FRF xf at the frequency points w


The result is stored in the xf format .

Frequencies can be given as

Command options should follow the new urnPar format. Support of legacy calls is obtained when the first non blank character is not a {.

qbode(sys,'@ll{10,100,5000}','{iiplotGart,po,reset}') % Classical display
qbode(sys,'@log{1,2,500}','{iiplotGart,po2,stra2}') % Poles as dots, strategy 2
qbode(sys,'@log{1,2,500}','{iiplotGart,po102}') % IOmatrix for navigation

Legacy command options were

For the polynomial models num, den , qbode computes the FRF at the frequency points w



See also

demo_fe, res2xf, nor2xf, and bode of the Control System Toolbox

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