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Name space for public methods implementing base SDT operations.


  methods(sdtm) % do list methods
  sdtweb('_taglist','sdtm') % to list tags and access associated code


sdtm groups a number of methods of general interest.


Runs a robust pause with the same arguments than the MATLAB pause command. This one avoids memory leaks and avoids skips occurring in batch mode for some MATLAB versions.


High level handling of saving to MAT-files. This function integrates saving with exploitation of saving preferences, filename and robustness. It uses sdth.fileutil('fsafe','save') .

% setup saving options
% use V6Flag-setpred to make this permanent
% generate a file name
% call save,'r1');,'r2','-append')
% example using ProjectWd
sdtroot('setProject',struct('ProjectWd',wd1));'UI','SDT Root','FileName',fullfile('@ProjectWd',[f1 ext])),'r2')
% clear file
sdth.fileutil('fsafe','delete',fullfile(wd1,[f1 ext]));

urn , urnCb, urnValG, urnObj ...

urn which stands for Uniform Resource Name (section 8.4) utilities are


Provides a uniform entry point to run series of experiments doe. Parameters of the experiments are listed in a range (see fe_range).


Uniform description of how to store results of a step.

to ...

to... methods are used for robust conversion to specific types using testing of object content to decide on the proper conversion methodology. sdtm.toString converts any object to a string. sdtm.toStruct converts to a MATLAB struct. sdtm.toCinCell converts to the SDT java object associated with a table cell.

node ...

node... methods implement robust loading of data files for integration in a database object. This is an ongoing development that will be further detailed.

sdtm.nodeLoadSE(FileName,RO) is a robust superelement loading strategy. Options can be given as fields of the RO structure.

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