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1.6  Licensing utilities

1.6.1  Generating a license request

To let SDTools generate a sdt.lic file for you may run the following commands within MATLAB. Note that if you have proxy problems, simply download and extract the files in your current MATLAB directory.

% Try automated download
cd(tempdir);if ~exist('./sdtdemos');mkdir('sdtdemos');end
if ~exist('sdtrlm')% Download and extract sdtrlm mex file to tempdir/sdtdemos
% If it fails
%  - do unzip by hand 
%  - in Matlab go to the unzipped directory
% Finally generate the license request string
% In the ListDialog select the products of interest and press OK

Send the license request string (SE_"base"_ ...) by email to, so that we can generate a license sdt.lic file.

1.6.2  Node locked licenses

For a node locked license (not fully stabilized procedure)

1.6.3  Floating licenses

Floating SDT licenses can use the RLM license manager. To install the server, download

On the client side (local copies of SDT), you will need to follow the procedure for SDT installation at, you must in particular provide the license request of the first installation matchine (further copies can then later be made as detailed below) and check that your SDT

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