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Advanced feutil commands.

RotateSel OrigID Ang nx ny nz

Rotation. The elements of model are rotated by the angle Ang (degrees) around an axis passing trough the node of number OrigID (or the origin of the global coordinate system) and of direction [nx ny nz] (the default is the z axis [0 0 1]). The origin can also be specified by the x y z values preceded by an o

model=feutil('RotateSel o 2.0 2.0 2.0 90 1 0 0',model)

Note that old nodes are kept during this process. If one simply want to rotate model nodes, see RotateNode.

For example:

% Rotate and transform part of a mesh
femesh('reset'); model=femesh('Testquad4'); 
model=feutil('Divide 2 3',model); 
% center is node 1, angle 30, aound axis z
%                                     Center angle  dir
st=sprintf('RotateSel %f %f %f %f %f',[1      30   0 0 1]);
feplot(model); fecom(';triax;textnode'); axis on

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