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General purpose command parser for user interface command functions.


Commode ('CommandFcn','ChainOfCommands') 


Commands and options are central to SDT. These strings are passed to functions to allow multiple variations in behavior. Accepted commands are listed in the help (text) and sdtweb (html) documentations (see iicom, fecom, feutil, etc.).

The UI command functions only accept one command at a time, so that commode was introduced to allow

Most command functions send a command starting by a ';' to commode for parsing. Thus commode ('iicom','cax1; abs') is the same as iicom (';cax1;abs')

The following commands are directly interpreted by commode (and not sent to the command functions)

q,quitexits the command mode provided by commode but not MATLAB .
script FNamereads the file FName line by line and executes the lines as command strings.

The following syntax rules are common to commode and MATLAB

%commentall characters after a % and before the next line are ignored.
[]brackets can be used to build matrices.
;separate commands (unless within brackets to build a matrix).

See also

comstr, iicom, fecom, femesh

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