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SDT 6.1

August 2008

Key features of the SDT 6.1 release are

Key features of FEMLink 3.4 are

OpenFEM has undergone many detail improvements and the following revisions


Function with significant extensions


support for Rayleigh damping specification. Support state display in feplot.
feplot, fecomOptimized loading and colordata operations. Improved robustness of the property figure (multiple sensor, boundary condition selection, rapid selection of groups, materials and properties shown, simple delete of stack entries, ...). Improved the robustness of selection cursors (use context menu Cursor:Stack.
 Support of partial restitution of superelements. Selections now support a -linface to allow animations without use of the mid-side nodes of quadratic elements.
 Improved Stack and CStack operations with multi-level name based indexing and regular expressions.
fe_coormajor optimization for the handling of models in the 1e6 DOF range.
fe_cyclicsupport of periodic rather than cyclic solutions. Major extensions of the cyclic symmetry capabilities are under way be will be distributed as a SDT-Rotor module.
fe_mknl,fe_caseassembly operations have been optimized for large models in both memory use and speed. The definition of a model.Dbfile can be used to allow off-load to a database.
fesupermajor optimization of superelement assembly and introduction of partial restitution mechanisms. Extension of feplot to support on the fly partial restitution.
feutilmajor performance enhancements for large model handling. These apply to selection mechanisms, lin2quad transformation.
q4csspeed optimization.
fe_senssignificant robustness enhancements in SensMatch and all sensor related commands. See section 4.3.
fe_simulintroduces optimized assembly, more consistent consideration of damping, ...
iiplot, idcomsignificant robustness and performance optimization. Cursor linking abscissa and deformation shown in feplot.
ii_mmifmajor extensions of signal processing capabilities integrated in the iicom GUI, see section 2.1.6.
v_handlesupport for variable handles stored in HDF5 .mat files has been introduced. This is the basis for fecom load-hdf, which loads minimal information into feplot, and model.Dbfile support.
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