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8.1  Formatting MATLAB graphics and output figures

SDT implements single comgui ImWrite and multiple iicom ImWrite image generation mechanisms. The basic process is to

Figure 8.1: Figure generation process

8.1.1  Formatting operations with objSet

cingui('objSet',h,Prop) groups all formatting operations needed to obtain exactly the figure you want (font size, axes positions, line sequencing, ...) starting from a pointer to a MATLAB graphic h and a style given as cell array of formatting instructions Prop. It is the base SDT mechanism to generalize the MATLAB set command.

Prop is a cell array of tag-value pairs classical in MATLAB handle properties comgui objSet allows three types of modification

8.1.2  Persistent data in Project

The Project tab is initialized using sdtroot Set commands. The most commonly used fields are the project and plot directories and file name for export to Word, PowerPoint. Their use is illustrated in the next section.

sdtroot('SetProject',struct('ProjectWd',sdtdef('tempdir'), ...

Figure 8.2: Basic project tab

8.1.3  OsDic dictionnary of names styles

The comgui objSet provides a basic mechanism to provide formatting instructions. As choosing those takes time and for the sake of uniformity it is useful to introduce style sheets, which SDT does using a list of named styles, as shown in figure 8.3.

Figure 8.3: Hierarchical view of project styles sdtroot('InitOsDic')

Basic implementations of most styles are provided in d_imw (see list with sdtweb('_taglist','d_imw')). The main categories of styles are

8.1.4  File name generation with objString

The ability to generate context based file names is obtained using comgui objString. The principle is to provide a cell array of strings where '@command' string are interpreted.

8.1.5  Image generation with ImWrite

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