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Material function for heat problem elements.


 mat= m_heat('default') 
 mat= m_heat('database name') 
 pl = m_heat('dbval MatId name');
 pl = m_heat('dbval -unit TM MatId name');
 pl = m_heat('dbval -punit TM MatId name');


This help starts by describing the main commands of m_heat : Database and Dbval. Materials formats supported by m_heat are then described.

Database,Dbval] [-unit TY] [,MatiD]] Name

A material property function is expected to store a number of standard materials. See section 7.3 for material property interface.

m_heat('DataBase Steel') returns a the data structure describing steel.
m_heat('DBVal 100 Steel') only returns the property row.

  % List of materials in data base
  m_heat info
  % examples of row building and conversion
  pl=m_heat('DBVal 5 steel');
    'dbval 101 aluminum', ...
    'dbval 200 steel');
  pl=fe_mat('convert SITM',pl);
  pl=m_heat(pl,'dbval -unit TM 102 steel')


m_heat supports the following material subtype

1 : Heat equation material

   [MatId fe_mat('m_heat','SI',2) k rho C Hf]

See also

Section 4.5.1, section 7.3, fe_mat, p_heat

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