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9. Element reference

Element functions supported by OpenFEM are listed below. The rule is to have element families (2D and 3D) with families of formulations selected through element properties and implemented for all standard shapes

3-D volume element shapes
hexa8 8-node 24-DOF brick
hexa20 20-node 60-DOF brick
hexa27 27-node 81-DOF brick
penta6 6-node 18-DOF pentahedron
penta15 15-node 45-DOF pentahedron
tetra4 4-node 12-DOF tetrahedron
tetra10 10-node 30-DOF tetrahedron

2-D volume element shapes
q4p 4-node quadrangle
q5p 5-node quadrangle
q8p 8-node quadrangle
q9a9-node quadrangle
t3p 3-node 6-DOF triangle
t6p 6-node 12-DOF triangle

Supported problem formulations are listed in section 6.1, in particular one considers 2D and 3D elasticity, acoustics, hyperelasticity, fluid/structure coupling, piezo-electric volumes, ...

Other elements, non generic elements, are listed below

3-D plate/shell Elements
dktp 3-node 9-DOF discrete Kirchoff plate
mitc4 4-node 20-DOF shell
quadb quadrilateral 4-node 20/24-DOF plate/shell
quad9(display only)
quadb quadrilateral 8-node 40/48-DOF plate/shell
tria3 3-node 15/18-DOF thin plate/shell element
tria6 6-node 36DOF thin plate/shell element

Other elements
bar1 standard 2-node 6-DOF bar
beam1 standard 2-node 12-DOF Bernoulli-Euler beam
beam1t pretensionned 2-node 12-DOF Bernoulli-Euler beam
beam3(display only)
celas scalar springs and penalized rigid links
mass1 concentrated mass/inertia element
mass2 concentrated mass/inertia element with offset
rigid handling of linearized rigid links

Utility elements
fe_super element function for general superelement support
integrules FEM integration rule support
fsc fluid/structure coupling capabilities

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