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2-D 9-DOF Discrete Kirchhoff triangle


In a model description matrix, element property rows for dktp elements follow the standard format

 [n1 n2 n3 MatID ProID EltID Theta] 

giving the node identification numbers ni, material MatID, property ProID. Other optional information is EltID the element identifier, Theta the angle between material x axis and element x axis (currently unused)

The elements support isotropic materials declared with a material entry described in m_elastic. Element property declarations follow the format described in p_shell.

The dktp element uses the et*dktp routines.

There are three vertices nodes for this triangular Kirchhoff plate element and the normal deflection W(x,y) is cubic along each edge.

We start with a 6-node triangular element with a total  D.O.F = 21  :

Then, we impose no transverse shear deformation γxz = 0 and γyz = 0 at selected nodes to reduce the total DOF = 21 − 6*2 = 9  :

The coordinates of the reference element's vertices are , and .

Surfaces are integrated using a 3 point rule ωk = 1 /3 and bk mid side node.

See also

fe_mat, m_elastic, p_shell, fe_mk, feplot

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