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3. Test/analysis correlation tutorial

Modal testing differs from system identification in the fact that responses are measured at a number of sensors which have a spatial distribution which allows the visualization of the measured motion. Visualization is key for a proper assessment of the quality of an experimental result. One typically considers three levels of models.

The tools for the declaration of the wire-frame model and of sensor setups are detailed in section 2.7. Topology correlation and sensor/shaker placement tools are details in section 3.1. A summary of general tools used to compare sets of shapes is made in section 3.2. Shape expansion, which deals with the transformations between the wire-frame and FE models, is introduced in section 3.3. The results of correlation can be used for hybrid models combining experimental and analytical results (see section 3.4) or for finite element model updating (see section 6.5).

Figure 3.1: Modal identification process with links to corresponding sections

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