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8. GUI and reporting tools

This chapter aims at providing the details and procedures used to build a GUI with SDT. The GUI is based on a formalism where the data and their display is decoupled.

The data considered is a set of parameters preliminary defined through the use of a csv file read by sdt_locale, quick definitions are supported by cingui ParamEdit.

This data is then transformed into a Java object stored as a v_handle in the GUI figure. The GUI figure must be named and tagged appropriately to be accessed at any time. Its Name and Tag are equal and define the figure as unique.

Access to the data parameters is always performed through a v_handle call and can be edited using sdcedit. Layout of the data can be shaped as desired and displayed under the form of Tables in the GUI figure, using sdt_dialogs and cinguj. The tables are interactive as the user can edit the data parameter fields through the interface. Dependency handling of other parameters as function of the edited one is possible.

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