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5. Structural dynamic concepts

This theoretical chapter is intended as a reference for the fundamental notions and associated variables used throughout the SDT. This piece of information is grouped here and hypertext reference is given in the HTML version of the manual.

Models of dynamic systems are used for identification phases and links with control applications supported by other MATLAB toolboxes and Simulink. Key concepts and variables are

b,c  input/output shape matrices (b,c,pb,cp variables)
nor  normal mode models (freq,damp,cp,pb variables)
damp  damping for full and reduced models
cpx  complex mode models (lambda, psi variables)
res  pole/residue model (res,po variables)
ss  state space model (a,b,c,d variables)
tf  parametric transfer function (num,den variables)
xf  non-parametric transfer function (w,xf variables)

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