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1.9  Release notes for SDT 6.2 and FEMLink 3.5

1.9.1  Key features

Key features of the SDT 6.2 release are

Key features of FEMLink 3.5 are

OpenFEM has undergone many detail improvements and the following revisions

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.10.3.

1.9.2  Detail by function

The following functions have been modified.


has undergone significant extensions for improved dataset support (direct display of FEM responses, selection in multi-dimension datasets, ...), mouse interactivity, improved menus and icons. Many detailed robustness enhancements.
idcomnow support cursor interaction in the identification error plot.
fe_sensintroduced cell array description of complex test setups (see section 4.3.2), improved sensor matching robustness
ii_mmifsignal processing capabilities have been significantly extented. Processing of FEM time deformations can now be done directly.
fe2ssnow supports parametric models
fesupermany detail improvements in superlement building and restitution

feplot, fecom

improved support for the display of stack entries.
 Display of sensor entries has been improved through bug corrections on the cursor, compatibility with TextDof command.
fe_caseimproved of RBE3 support.
fe_cyclicsupport of periodic rather than cyclic solutions. Major extensions of the cyclic symmetry capabilities are under way be will be distributed as a SDT-Rotor module.
fe_mknl, fe_caseSignificant efforts where done to clarify debugging information when improper models are used.
fe_qualityThis new function supports many estimates of finite element mesh quality.
feutilimproved face support. Corrected bugs in r based node selection. All mesh building commands have been ported so that femesh can be bypassed alltogether. This seems easier to learn for new users.
fe_stresthe function has been renamed fe_stress (the limitation on 8 characters being very obsolete). Bugs in shell stress processing have been corrected.
q4csthe SDT composite/piezo element has undergone a major revision for improved orientation handling and stress computations.

1.9.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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