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Pole line plots and other plot enhancement utilities.





Generation of zoomable vertical lines with clickable information.

ii_plp(po) will plot vertical dotted lines indicating the pole frequencies of complex poles in po and dashed lines at the frequencies of real poles. The poles po can be specified in any of the 3 accepted formats (see ii_pof).

When you click on these lines, a text object indicating the properties of the current pole is created. You can delete this object by clicking on it. When the lines are part of iiplot axes, clicking on a pole line changes the current pole and updates any axis that is associated to a pole number (local Nyquist, residue and error plots, see iiplot).

The optional color argument can be used to obtain something else than white/black. In the iiplot interface for example, frequencies of poles in the alternate pole set IIpo1 are shown in red.

Other options are given in the cell array Opt={Unit,ForMat,VariableName}.

The integer Units with tens set to 1 (11 or 12) is used for poles in Hz, while those with tens set to 2 correspond to Rad/s. This value is typically obtained from IDopt(3).

The integer Format specifies whether the imaginary part Im(λ) (Format=2 which is the default) or the amplitude |λ| (using Format=3 corresponding to format 3 of ii_pof) should be used as the “frequency” value for complex poles.

VariableName can be used to pass the name of the pole variable (this is to create the info string obtained when you click on the pole line).


Dynamic multi-line legend generation used by iiplot and feplot.

ii_plp('legend -corner .01 .01 -reset ',ga,ua,StringCell,legProp)


Generate subsampled markers.


Generates a spy plot with color coding associated with the non-zero element values.


FEM oriented color maps.

See also

ii_pof, idopt, iiplot, iicom

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