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High level access to standard solvers.


 [Result,model] = fe_simul('Command',MODEL,OPT)


fe_simul is the generic function to compute various types of response. It allows an easy access to specialized functions to compute static, modal (see fe_eig) and transient (see fe_time) response. A tutorial may be found in section 4.5.

Once you have defined a FEM model (section 4.2), material and elements properties (section 4.2.1), loads and boundary conditions (section 4.2.3), calling fe_simul assembles the model (if necessary) and computes the response using the dedicated algorithm.

Note that you may access to the fe_simul commands graphically with the simulate tab of the feplot GUI. See tutorial (section 4.5) on how to compute a response.

Input arguments are :

Accepted commands are

See also

fe_eig, fe_time, fe_mk

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