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Utilities for FEM related data structures.


 ... = fe_def(def,'command', ... )
 ... = fe_def('command', ... )


Accepted commands are

SubDef, SubDof

def=fe_def('SubDef',def,ind); keeps deformations associated with ind, which a vector of indices or a logical vector (for example,1)<500 can be used to select frequencies below 500). Other fields of the def structure are truncated consistently.

def=fe_def('subdof',def,DOF) is extracts a subset of DOFs based on defined DOF or with def=fe_def('subdofind',def,ind) indices (again either values or logicals). This command is partially redundant with feutilb PlaceInDof.

fe_def('SubDofInd-Cell',def,ind_dof,ind_def) returns a clean cell array listing selected DOFs and responses. This is typically used to generate clean tables.


w=fe_def('DefFreq',DISK) returns frequencies defined in the info,Freq entries using Hz units.

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