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7.8  FEM result data structure

Deformations resulting from finite element computations (fe_eig, fe_load, …) are described by a structure with fields

.defdeformations (NDOF by NDef matrix)
.DOFDOF definition vector
.data(optional) matrix of numbers characterizing the content of each deformation (frequency, time step, ...)
.funfunction description [Model Analysis Field FieldType Format NDV]. This is based on the UNV 55 format detailed below.
.lab(optional) cell array of strings characterizing the content of each deformation.
.LabFcn(optional) string to be interpreted defining the label of each channel using local variable ch (number of the channel currently displayed in feplot). For example 'sprintf(''t=%.2f ms'',*1000)'
.labelstring describing the content
.scale(optional) string describing the content

The .fun field is a numeric row with values (a typical value for static responses is[0 1 0])

SDT provides a number of utilities to manipulate deformation structures. In particular you should use

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