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1.10  Release notes for SDT and FEMLink 6.6

1.10.1  Key features

SDT 6.6 is the first version compatible with MATLAB 8.2 (2013b) and 8.3 (2014a). Key changes of this release are

Key changes for FEMLink are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.10.3.

1.10.2  Detail by function

Outside documentation and demos in sdtdemos, the following functions have been modified.

comguienhancement of automated image generation with ImWrite.
fe2sssystematic treatment of fe_load DofSet was introduced and tested for piezo application. In compatibilities with control toolbox were corrected.
fecomimproved generality and documentation of color scaling options. Energy sums by group in InfoMass are more general.
fe_caseSensDof sensor and stress-cut handling was robustified and further documented. Labels for unique DOFs are more consistently filled.
 ConnectionSurface supports a new MatchS option that can be very much faster.
fe_curveenhancements and revision of documentation of test curves and commands for fe_load.
fe_cyclicnow supports periodicity condition building based in DOF rather than nodes. This is important for multi-physic applications.
fe_defrobustness of AppendDef and SubRef was enhanced. Range commands for the representation of experiments (parameters of a design space) were extended.
fe_gmshinterface and documentation enhancement. Partial read of geometry files.
fe_matunit conversion was enhanced with new call formats and now support piezo-electric properties.
fe_mknlintroduced an optimized strategy for matrix preallocation.
fe_normmemory footprint was improved for intensive operations.
fe_qualityinteraction with feplot for viewing mesh quality was improved.
fe_reduca new Call command now supports user defined methods, while keeping the standard model initialization. Free-bset is a new option for enforced motion.
fe_simulimproved handling hysteretic damping and enforced motion for full order frequency computations DRFR.
fe_stressGetTop supports handling of stress topologies coming from external FEM codes.
fe_time.Follow handling and theta method implementation were revised.
fesuperthe new command DefCh supports expansion for specific DOF. This is used for on the fly display of responses in superelements. SeInfoNode recurses in components for information about elements connected to a node.
feutilsupport with silent operation using the ; command option was extended.
idcomimplemented silent versions of most commands (ending by ;). The error indicator now also provides a contribution indication that quantifies the modal contribution with respect to overall transfer level.
 a contribution indicator was added to the error plot.
ii_macdefault table output is now in java
matguimatgui('jpl',model) supports java rendering of properties.
nor2ssLabOut and LabIn commands are used for robust interaction with toolboxes from the MathWorks.
p_beamclarified documentation and robustness of subtype 3 (standard sections)
q4csnow supports piezoelectric shell formulations for topologies other than the quadrangle.
sdt_localenew function supporting handling of button definitions in CSV files. Supports the generation of extensible GUI.
mklserv_utilsan external ofact solver based on MKL Pardiso. This solver is much faster at factorization than the base spfmex. This patch to SDT can be downloaded with sdtcheck patchMkl.
mkl_utilssupports optimized residual computations in fe_time. This patch to SDT can be downloaded with sdtcheck patchMkl.
m_elastic-therm used to include thermal constants in database material properties. Improved support for composite materials.
p_beamimproved documentation of predefined sections.
p_shellimproved support for composites.
sdtwebdevelopment of navigation with _tagList was continued, documentation was improved.

1.10.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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