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1.11  Release notes for SDT 6.5 and FEMLink 3.8

1.11.1  Key features

SDT 6.5 is the first version compatible with MATLAB 8.0 (2012b). Key features of this release are

Key features of FEMLink 3.8 are

For MATLAB compatibility see section 1.11.3.

1.11.2  Detail by function

The following functions have been modified.

beam1robustness enhancements for compatibility with fe_caseg StressCut.
elem0enhanced VectFromDir (see section 7.13)
comguiMajor rewrite of comgui ImWrite and iicom ImWrite for automated figure generation.
fe_cyclicBuild-ByMat allows interfaces with coincident nodes.
fe_caseimproved handling of parameters, see upcom Par and fe_defRange
fe_casegRobustness enhancements in Assemble (see section 4.8.8), major extension of StressCut, ZoomClip.
fe_curvecorrected errors on noise generation for odd numbers of samples.
fe_gmshsignificant extension of CAD definition commands.
fe_deffe_defRange commands for the description of design maps are now documented. Many detail robustness enhancements.
fe_matrobustness enhancements for unit conversion (convert command) and for support of interpolated properties, see section 7.3.
fe_mpcmodel=fe_mpc('Rbe3Id',model) generated unique identifiers for RBE3 constraints.
 Handling of local displacement coordinates was corrected and documented.
fe_qualityimproved integration in feplot and robustness.
fe_reducFree (reduction on free modes) now supports DofSet (enforced displacement) commands. A .UseLoad option has been added to CraigBampton to allow computation of load residuals for a Craig Bampton reduction.
fe_sensrewriting of the gartte and gartsens demos associated with robustness enhancements.
fe_stressoutput of the Enerprovides newer options and output in the newer curve format. feplot now allows dynamic switching between energy value, density or group value.
fe_timeimproved implementation of Theta method integration.
feplotcomplete rewrite of ColorData for energy computations, ColorScale for more accurate display, field display for StressCut.
 improved support of HDF file delayed reading.
feutilMajor extension of the feutil SetPro command. Improved handling of surface sets. GetDof corrections for master DOFs in rigid elements.
feutilbMatch implements a new node matching strategy as MatchSurf and has undergone significant speed enhancements. CombineModel supports extended renumbering.
idcomimproved integration of Error computations. GUI robustness improvements.
ii_plpsignificant rewrite and documentation of iiplot PlotInfo utilities. Significant extensions of the Legend command. Documentation of the TickFcn capabilities.
iiplotdocumentation was revised to include PlotInfo in particular.
 compatibility with MATLAB figure toolbar callbacks (including datatip) was improved
 Mouse editing of xlabel, ... is made persistent when scanning through channels by modification of the comgui objSet commands applied to ua.axProp.
iicomrewriting of the SubSave command to allowing easier switch between multiple views.
 Show now supports 3D (f(x,y)) plots more consistently : inits, cursor, surface, contour, ...
 CurveInit clarifies the init and display. PoleLine, ImWrite are revised and better documented.
q4csimproved integration of stress computations.
p_piezocharge and electrical field viewing are available.
p_solidmaterial coordinate systems are now supported for anisotropic elasticity. Improved Default command and support of constitutive law output.
sdtwebmajor rewrite for links at support of _tagList command that opens the MATLAB editor at proper lines.
setlinesobjSet has been documented.

1.11.3  Notes by MATLAB release

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