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Experimental modal analysis for ONERA

User story

Users who have experimental capabilities to measure structural vibrations but need software for a complete modal analysis :

  • system identification tools to extract modal information from measured frequency response functions
  • modal analysis tools exploit the spatial information linked to multiple sensor measurements (deformation visualization, test analysis correlation, etc.)

Modal test of an Airbus A330 by the ONERA Ground Vibration Test team. Test analysis/correlation using SDT

Users doing active control of structures who need extremely accurate identified models of structural dynamics.

Sample application : State-space models identified with SDT have been used for control synthesis purposes at LMA, ONERA (France), MIT (USA), and elsewhere. Since version 6.1, SDT also includes piezoelectric elements to generate FEM models for active control. (See http://www.isma-isaac.be/publications/PMA_MOD_publications/ISMA2006/273_284.pdf for a typical target application)

Id image
Identified model of the ONERA Active Plate experiment.
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