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Viscoelastic Vibration Toolbox

Custom SDT extensions

These extensions to the SDT combine all the tools needed for the study of structural vibration and acoustics for structures with frequency and temperature dependent materials. The main areas covered are

Automative floor panel :
optimization and design of viscoelastic layers
Fluid/structure interaction for an automotive body (structural model with 1e6 DOFs)

While this toolbox does not have the maturity of other SDTools products (imperfect documentation, lack of robustness, ... ) we have proposed specific licensing to industrial users in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. For more information about such licensing get in touch with info@sdtools.com.

You will find the current PDF documentation here (again please understand that this is still work in progress).

System requirements are current licences of Matlab, SDT, FEMLink and NASTRAN are also needed for most practical applications where the toolbox is used to design structures that are imported from and exported to NASTRAN.

Sample application Viscoelastic materials are often used to damp vibrations in automotive and aerospace applications. The SDT allows easy manipulations of the models which enable parametric studies for various viscoelastic materials, temperatures, ...

Response of a metal/viso/metal press formed part for a range of frequencies and temperatures

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